About Us

Senior MoneyLife is here to help protect seniors.

The opportunity for financial abuse or fraud to occur has never been higher for seniors. We are here to provide guidance and planning, preserve seniors' money, and protect them from financial abuse by friends or family who aren't prepared to manage their loved ones' finances in the correct way.

Why did you start Senior MoneyLife?
We see firsthand daily at Christian Care the effects of age and mental decline, especially when it comes to personal finances. Being able to properly manage money, pay bills and understand senior care insurances (long-term care and Medicare) can be a huge burden for seniors or their family - which is why we started Senior MoneyLife.
Two Organizations, One Purpose
For over 30 years, Christian Care Retirement Community has been providing high-quality, Christ-centered care for senior adults in northeast Indiana. Services at the Bluffton, IN campus include independent living duplexes/apartments, assisted living services, and 24-hour skilled nursing and rehabilitation care.
This mission continues to this day by offering a new set of services through Senior MoneyLife which focuses on ensuring the financial safety and security of senior adults. Senior MoneyLife is a division of Christian Care Retirement Community and is managed by Preston D. Kaehr, Executive Director of Christian Care Retirement Community. Christian Care Retirement Community is owned by members of the Apostolic Christian Church, and is governed by a Board of Directors from the Apostolic Christian churches of Bluffton, IN.
About Preston D. Kaehr, MBA, HFA
Preston currently serves as Executive Director of Christian Care Retirement Community, a senior life plan community located in Bluffton, IN. Preston has several years of experience in the long term care industry and spent 5 years in the business and consumer banking industry specializing in real estate, loans, personal finance and consumer credit. He currently holds a Health Facility Administrator’s Nursing Home License from the state of Indiana and a Master’s of Business Administration from Indiana Institute of Technology. Preston attends the Apostolic Christian Church of America where he is a lay pastor.
Contact Preston today to learn about daily money management.

Protecting seniors everyday.

A division of Christian Care Retirement Community.

Christian Care is not a financial institution or trust company.

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