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Senior MoneyLife provides a full array of financial and insurance services to senior adults. Our Money Map planning process provides a customized approach for life after age 60. Whether you need social security planning, help with Medicare insurance, or advice for long-term care - we help ensure you are fully equipped for your next ADVENTURE in life.

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Social Security Benefits

Need help understanding how your benefits work? Are you wondering when should you begin taking social security benefits? Do you have questions about receiving a spousal benefit or a survivor's benefit? We can help answer these questions and many more. And, we provide each client with a customized social security benefits timeline and decision map. Get yours today when you meet with us!

Social Security Disability Application

Do you have a disability preventing you from being gainfully employed? Are you needing help applying for disability benefits through the Social Security program? Our organization is ready and able to help you apply for your disability benefits. We can help you setup your future monthly earnings and ensure that you receive the back-pay benefits that you have earned. We help you from start to finish through this highly complicated process.

Medicaid Planning for Nursing Home Care & Assisted Living

The cost of caring for a loved one has increased drastically over the past several years leaving many with not enough financial resources. Trying to provide care in the home can become difficult as both a loved one and their spouse age together leaving nursing home or assisted living facilities as the only remaining option. If you need assistance applying for Medicaid benefits, we are here to help! With years of experience in the long-term care industry, we are positioned to correctly guide you through the application process and ensure that everything is properly setup on the nursing home side as well.

Medicare Insurance & Long-Term Care Insurance

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Daily Money Management

The opportunity for financial abuse or fraud to occur has never been higher for seniors. We are here to provide guidance and planning, preserve seniors' money, and protect them from financial abuse by friends or family who aren't prepared to manage their loved ones' finances in the correct way. We typically serve as a financial power of attorney to ensure proper management and access to financial resources. Temporary POA assignments are available as well.